Michaels GM application

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Michaels GM application

Post by yoyager on Sun Nov 08, 2009 4:24 am

Name: Michael
Age: 14
Location: Catalina Island //You probably wont believe me but o wellz//
Time zone:pacific
Description: skates. Has a lot of time to use computer.(more than 10 hours a day)
I'm supposed to go to school right? wrong, I am supposed to be at 8th grade. I skipped a year and my parents want me to be the same age as other students. So I go to after school on weekends.
Why I want to be GM: I have been a gm for a long time in my brother's server(BudweiserMS)yes its a noob name lol. After he ACCIDENTALLY cough cough** IP banned me, he didnt know how to unban me. /unban does not work and non of the commands work. So, I found this web and I really want to help people play this server. And i just want to make a new hobby...
THings I can do: I can do C++ but I only know how to code hacks for fps games.... I can learn fast. I know all the GM commands already so I wont be the nooby GM looking in the handbook. lol
PM me for questions

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