GM Applications

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GM Applications

Post by April on Sat May 31, 2008 11:36 pm

Post here if you want to be a GM.
We need more applications!! :[


Why should we choose you?

( You do not have to do the exact form above, it's there to help you think of what you have to post. :] )


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Gm Application

Post by getokid1 on Mon Jun 02, 2008 11:44 am

Skills- I'm a professional at adding stuff on websites and i used to make alot of websites i can make a good banners and i used to be a Admin in a clan in my old game i helped make alot of stuff in the website if you wanna see it go to so thats my skills in websites i can be a website admin .
Name-Arthur Ryndyuga
I Also wanna be a gm to make events but first ill ask [GM]MrPepe [GM]April [GM]Br00tal and i wanna help oobs that never experienced real Maplestory before

You should pick me as a gm because im a respectful person and active on the forums
so if you wanna pick a gm im available anytime with websites and in game and i could also do server test and have lots of fun with players and Gms Im also gonna ban all hackers and jail people that harrash and scam and stuff like that if you wanna know more about me email me at

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Application For GM

Post by Samuel on Mon Jun 02, 2008 12:01 pm

Im Posting for a GM application

My name is samuel north i live in leytonstone and im 10 years old ^^

I am experianced at adverstising holding events, i know all the GM commands but i dont overuse them
i know the rules perfectly dont summon to many boss monsters i know the drill guys Smile lol

im able to teach people how to advance jobs, teach them how to download PokeMS and stuff like that

Im a very popular person in games like maplestory i can make friends pretty quickly and im very like-able

This is probably i can think of for now and i hope you like it!

Contact me if i become a GM or not!


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Gm Application

Post by KennySeo on Thu Jun 05, 2008 7:13 pm

Name : Kenny Seo

I am experienced in any kind of things. I go on EVERYDAY (no lie).
I've played a lot of different MS's and I know what people want.
I see what other GM's in other MS's do and I know what to do to
be better than them and to be a better GM. I know you shouldn't
o.d. on using GM commands and not to summon too much
monster which will make the server lag or even possibly crash it.
I know I'm not suppose to sell items to other people, not to
mess around with the game client, and to bann all the hackers
in maplestory. I help people if they ask me about finding stuff
and where to buy things.

I can advertise things and I can come up with quick suggestions
to make the game better.

I think you should chose me as GM because I have a lot of maple experience
and I can always be on to check if the server is doing ok. I won't abuse the
GM commands, won't mess up the client, jail people or bann if needed to, keep
the lag less, hold events ONLY IF PERMITTED TO, and do the best I can to
make the game better with you guys


Please contact me : if I can be a GM or not >< TYVM


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Re: GM Applications

Post by Shinoo on Sun Jun 08, 2008 9:17 pm

Ok Hi everyone,

Age: 17
Timezone:EST time zone (but I can be on alot of time)
Experience:I already been a GM in some private server, (MyMS, DarkMS, another DarkMS, Revolution MS, I also already made my own private server but I deleted it cause the person was mean and not active.)
I think I can be a good GM, cause everytime I want to help people, I can be funny or nice but I can be professional when it's time. I can help you guys with java script, mySQL, and I can help too in C++. I know alot of the codes of the GM, I know when I host an event like if I summon how many monster to summon and what monster to don't make crash or lag alot the server.
I can Speak a really good french, English and some spanish. I really wanna be a GM in this Private Server cause it is really friendly and nice and there preppy much peoples on it. I already made a WoW private server, and now I'm trying to do a DDo private server(dungeon and dragon online, some I'm pretty experienced in any type of PS:P)For now, the next week I got some final exams so I can'T be on alot but this summer or the weekends I'm on alot if help needed. I also play in a AAA soccer league and in team Quebec (in my country a really good team) so sometimes I won't be on cause of practice or games but If help needed I'll be on alot.
I am enough intelligent to deal with probably any situations Razz. Oh I forgot I was playing MapleStory the real one at the beginning I was a beta player. I should be a good GM cause I know how to react in any situation hacking, scamming or anything and also always ready to help people. And I'm very experienced in alot on private server and on the real server so I know alot of things.

Thank You

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Re: GM Applications

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